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hey y'all. i'm ezra. capricorn. 25. autistic. divorced and happy with it. biromantic demisexual paraboyflux, ze / he / they. disabled cane user. due to my disablities, i've had to stop being an advanced emt (multiple years of experience), and i'm no longer employed.i write to fill the time while i'm trying to find a part-time job that i'm capable of, so if you enjoy my fics, please consider sending me a kofi!
but anyhow, if you've landed here, you're probably here about my works, so i'll move on to that!
i write poetry, original fic and fanfic. currently the main fandom i'm interested in is my hero academia, but if i've written for it in the past, i'll probably write for it again, and if i haven't written for it, i probably will if i'm baited enough tbh. if you want to commission me, dm me on my main twitter or commission me directly through kofi!***sidebar art painted and owned by me. copywrited by me, 2022.